Rookie program

Welcome to Valley of the Sun Quarter Midget Association Rookie Training Program. Your son or daughter will be attending 3 rookie training sessions. Down below we will go over the three sessions on what your child will be learning in these sessions. If you need more then 3 sessions, that is ok we all learn at our own pace.

Session 1

First you will have your car Safety Teched to make sure everything is safe to drive out on the track.

-Flags, What does each flag color mean?

Green Means GO

Yellow Means Caution (Slow Down)

Red Means STOP (Completely Stop your car)

White Means last lap until Finish.

Checker Means race is Finished.

We will go over basics of getting you into your car, how to push the gas pedal/brake pedals, and properly going over basic commands.

Driving your car on the track, with low idle/throttle. Each lap around the track (When Ready) we may turn the throttle up if your child is ready.

Session 2

We will learn the proper procedure for lining up during a race. This session will be combined with other rookie drivers. We will walk the track with you, showing you how to properly line up before getting into your cars.

We will have you out onto the race track with other drivers going (Caution Speed) &we will learn the correct line up procedure.

Proper Passing procedure, we will go over how to safely complete a pass & how to “NOT” complete a pass.

You will have a solo session to see how you are with car control & speed on the track. We will teach you a basic racing line that you will have to teach once you have passed rookie training.


We will be simulating a race. This is your last session and we will be doing a practice race to determine if you are ready to pass training or not.

10 Lap Heat Race, 20 Lap Main race just like a race day.

If your son or daughter is ready you will pass rookie training or be required to come to another session.

POWRi Rookie Novice Program Download Links Below.

POWRi Novice Program

POWRi Novice Graduation Move Up Form