Race day info

race day

Refer to season schedule at www.vsqma.com for specific days and start times for each event.

Safety and Sign-In will open approximately 45 minutes prior to race schedule start time and will close 5 minutes prior to Handler/Driver Meeting.


All trailers, trucks and/or pit spots must contain a visible fire extinguisher. No Exceptions!

Reserved parking is available for Lower and Upper parking areas. Please contact the club secretary for availability.

If you do not have a reserved parking space, please contact a board member for parking arrangements. Otherwise you may park on the Upper parking lot-2nd row, which is designated first come first serve.

For those parking on the lower pit area, we ask for your cooperation in trying to be in your parking space at least 30 minutes prior to start time.

Race fuel

Racing Fuel (Mid Grade 89) must be purchased at Circle K – Located at the NW corner of Central and Dobbins. Track fuel testing is at Tech discretion.

vsqma race rules

VSQMA has voted to follow the rules and regulations of our sanctioning organization. This document sets forth any exceptions to those rules. If not addressed in these rules, refer to the sanctioning organization’s rules.

Local rules cannot be changed during the season unless there is a safety issue involved. In the event of a safety issue, it will be addressed at the next board meeting. If adopted by a majority of the members present, the change will be in effect immediately and followed throughout the remainder of the race season.


All cars must go through safety inspection prior to sign in and driver must be present during safety inspection. *Exception, if you have already received a VSQMA safety inspection sticker in the past 3 months.*

Tips: Prior to Safety Inspection, verify seat belts are current and safety equipment meets POWRI safety requirements. Also ensure you have fire rated fuel line with a fire sleeve covering per POWRI rules.

sign in

All drivers will draw a pill at sign in. Anyone registering after sign in closes, will qualify first for all classes or if not qualifying will tag the first heat race for all classes.

If a car signs in after their class has begun qualifying, they will not qualify, will not receive qualifying points and will start at the back of the next race for each class.

local club race fee’s

Fees are per driver, not family.

$25 for each car, pre-register at vsqma.com ***Novice classes, please pre-register to ensure we will allocate an award for your driver.

race field

Two cars will constitute a full field.

A Maximum of 8 cars will be allowed on the track for Novice classes.

A Maximum of 11 cars will be allowed on the track for all other classes.

race format

The regular race format will be as follows:

Single Day races will consist of 2 Heat races and 1 Main.

Double Header races will consist of 1 Heat race and 1 Main.

Qualifying Day will consist of Qualifying, Heat and Main.

The line up for qualifying and the first heat is by pill draw, low to high. If two heats are run, the second heat will be a full invert based on points with the lowest pill draw as the tie breaker.

The line up for mains will be by total points for the day. If there is a tie in points, the fastest qualifying time is the tie breaker. If there was no qualifying, then the lowest pill draw is the tie breaker.

Refer to the sanctioning POWRI QMRL Scoring Procedures website for the specifics.

After each class and divisions have completed qualifying (if applicable), verify the order of (fastest to slowest). Those qualifying times determine your lineup for each main in each class and division. Please remember top 6 are inverted. The last main of 6 are inverted: the remainder drivers are straight up. Cars that are transferring into the next race will go straight up according to how finished (Example: 1st place in the “C” main will be car #6 in The “B” main and so on).


lap totals

Number of Laps for heats:

15 laps for Novices
20 laps for Junior & Senior classes

Number of laps for lower mains:

15 laps for Novices
25 laps for Junior classes
30 laps for Senior classes

Number of laps for mains:

20 laps for Novices
30 laps for Junior classes
40 laps for Senior classes

A five lap work rule will be in effect at all local events.

Once line-up is correct, cars in the work area will be given five courtesy laps to repair and re-enter the track. If a car gets three courtesy laps, returns to the field and has to leave the track again, they will only get their two remaining laps. A green flag must be thrown and one lap completed for the count to start over.

Race orders will be posted and may change from POWRI formats.


race points


No move up points will be awarded to VSQMA members when a driver moves out of the novice class and into a competitive class or when a driver moves up due to age or weight.

Qualifying and heat points will be a one point split starting at 10. Finishes from 11th place on will receive one point. Main event will be awarded as follows:

1st Place = 70 7th Place = 40
2nd Place = 63 8th Place = 36
3rd Place = 57 9th Place = 32
4th Place = 52 10th Place = 28
5th Place = 48 11th Place on =25
6th Place = 44

No passing points will be awarded at local club races.

Cars that do not finish the race for any reason (DNF), receive points for the position as they DNF.

A car that warms up on the track, but does not start the race (DNS) receives points behind DNFs.

Cars that do not attempt (do not warm up on track) (DNA) receive no points.

If a race is cancelled at any time before the completion of the entire race, there will be points awarded for each completed round (qualifying, heat, main).

Cars that are disqualified in tech will forfeit all points for that race.

end of the year awards

Please refer to the VSQMA Bylaws.

Local Points Series:

Only VSQMA members will be eligible for the local points series.

Points will be given for official finish place starting on the day the driver becomes a VSQMA member, and not before.

Points are awarded for actual finish position regardless of whether a non VSQMA driver was in the finishing order.

The series championship will not include Novice classes.

Hot Chute Rules:

POWRI members only, must be over 16 unless you are in a car with a POWRI Badge.

Closed toe footwear required.

Handlers may only enter the track under caution and red flag conditions.

General Track Rules:

Keep main gate closed during practice.

No vehicles in the hot chute at any time.

No working on cars on the track while others are waiting to practice.

No bikes, scooters, skateboards, RC cars or other toys with wheels are allowed on the track premises unless approved by a VSQMA Executive Board Member.