Getting Started


Attend an Arrive & Drive

VSQMA hosts arrive and drive’s throughout the year to give prospective drivers the opportunity to get into a car and try it out. These events are open to those aged 5-16 and safety equipment is provided. New drivers will be provided with basic track rules and allowed to get on the track and drive. We highly encourage anyone interested in quarter midgets to attend one of these events.

If your child has already attended an arrive and drive or you are confident that you will be participating in this sport please read below.

What do I Need to Participate in the Club and Races?

  • Membership

    • POWRi Membership
    • VSQMA Membership
  • Quarter Midget Car

    • VSQMA recommends purchasing a used car for incoming rookies. Used cars can be found on different Facebook groups across the country. If you need help with this feel free to reach out to our Club President Justin Smith.
  • POWRi Approved Safety Equipment
    • Helmet
    • Race Suit
    • Gloves
    • Arm Restraints
    • Current Certified Seat Belts
    • Closed Toed Shoes
    • Neck Collar or Hans Device
    • Race Receiver

All new drivers will begin as part of our red rookie class. For more information about our rookie program click here.