VSQMA Facility Policy and Agreement

The VSQMA track facility is owned by the City of Phoenix. VSQMA has a contract with the City of Phoenix which gives VSQMA certain rights to use the facility. The contract also states that VSQMA has certain obligations as a condition for obtaining these rights. It is expected that all VSQMA members will contribute to meet these obligations as well as any other efforts necessary to run a successful and productive non-profit volunteer racing organization.

The City of Phoenix does not maintain the facility nor do they make any warranty or claim that the premises are fit for any particular purpose. For many years now VSQMA has been allowed use of the facility on an “as is” basis. It is the responsibility of all current VSQMA members to maintain the facility. All forms of motorsports racing involve risk and the possibility of serious injury or death. It is the responsibility of the parents and family to evaluate these risks and determine at all times whether the VSQMA track and facility are suitable for use.

Please note that park hours are 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The entrance to the park closes at 7:00 PM. If you are at the facility after this time and have an emergency, there may be a delayed response by emergency responders due to this closure! Also, be advised that the 4th Sunday of every month is “Silent Sunday”. This means no motorized traffic allowed in the park which includes the track.

Terms and Conditions for Track Key Privileges

1. The VSQMA track facility use is for current VSQMA club members and authorized Powri members only.

2. VSQMA regular members will be provided a track facility key upon payment of club membership and proof of current car and safety equipment inspection (Powri safety decal). Key possession is a privilege of membership and may be revoked at any time. Only current regular club members will have keys to the track.

3 .Track facility keys are the property of VSQMA and may not be duplicated, loaned, or other wise provided to non VSQMA members without prior written consent of the VSQMA Board of Directors.

4. Powri members (of other sanctioned clubs), alternate handlers or associate members may use the facility only if a current VSQMA regular member is present.

5. VSQMA members shall not permit non-Powri members on the track under power at any time, unless specifically permitted by Powri as set forth in the Powri rulebook.

6. All persons using the VSQMA facility must abide by all Powri and VSQMA rules, guidelines and procedures as well as any and all rules set forth by the City of Phoenix South Mountain Preserve and the Phoenix Parks Department.

7. The main entrance gate into the upper parking lot is to remain CLOSED when using the facility on non-event days for your security and to prevent non-VSQMA parked vehicles from being locked inside.

8. All vehicles must be kept on paved surfaces at all times. No off pavement parking is allowed.

9. No bikes, scooters, RC cars or other similar toys with wheels are allowed at the facility at any time.

10. There are no trash containers left out on non-event days. If you brought it in with you, remember to take it back out. Leaving bottles and trash behind puts us all at risk of losing our racing facility.