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Saturday September 14 2019



Safety:  Opens @ 4pm

Registration: 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Pit Meeting:  5:30pm

Racing Starts @ 6pm



*All cars must be Safety checked prior to start of racing.

*Please make sure SEAT BELTS are current




Club Race #1, Season opener


Red Rookie

Garrett Tucker

Kaitlyn Tucker

Xander LeDoux






Blue Rookie

Mason Smith

William Davis

AJyana Imperial

Kollin Klein





Jr. Honda

Hunter Wells




Sr. Honda

Steve Davis

Campbell Rice

Xander Dundon

Adrian Imperial




Heavy Honda




Jr. Animal

Hunter Wells





Sr. Animal




Light 160 

Daniel Garibaldi

Campbell Rice

Xander Dundon




Heavy 160

Chance Zoppa





Lt. World Formula

Adrian Imperial






Heavy World Formula






Car Count :


* Late Registry